How To Get In Shape (Simple Steps)

How are the New Year’s resolutions coming along? I hope we are sticking with our goals and not procrastinating.

One of my goals I’ve set for new year’s is to get in shape and to stay in shape. If you’re like me, I like to stay in somewhat of a shape.

until November. Once November hits it’s time for me to enjoy the holidays with good food, family, and friends.

Since it gets cold around October and November, we tend to put on extra layers of cloth to keep warm. Also, to hide the shame of binge eating during the holidays. Not that there is anything wrong with binge eating, we tend to gain unwanted pounds. I know I’ve gained about 10 pounds since the holidays.

As the weather warms up to scorching heat, we will need to shed our extra layers of clothing and weights (optional). And prepare for that Sexy Beach Body.

Now is the perfect time to prepare our bodies.

Here are some simple ways to lose few pounds and to get in shape.

To be completely honest, getting in shape is easy, but maintaining is the challenging part.



Water itself is a magical substance provided by mother nature, not to mention it’s Free. As many of you know/herd, water is an essential component that makes up our body. And here are some of the few benefits.

  • Natural and organic Detox – Remove toxins from your body by sweats and using the restroom for #1, #2.
  • Boost your metabolism and reduce the feeling of hunger. By filling up your stomach with water, you will feel full, preventing you from eating more.
  • Provide more energy for your body and mind. Because water does not contain any sugar and caffeine, you will feel refreshed rather than getting a temporary burst of energy and crashing afterwards.

These are only a few of the many benefits of drinking water. Since we are talking about getting in shape, water is the best way in preparing our body for the years to come.

Step #2 – Walk or Run

Walking and running…. are one of the best activity created by mankind. These activities are simple and easy to perform since we been doing it since we were babies. Walking and running uses almost every muscle in your body which help burn unwanted fats, sweat out toxins in your body, improve cardiovascular health, regulate blood flow to your body and brain, and more. There are many benefits when walking and running.

There are many people who doesn’t like running, myself included. If this is the case, walking is an alternative.

  • Best time to go on a walk or run is morning, right after you wake up
  • Listen to music/audio book/podcast
  • Bring and drink of water before and during
  • Use your phone to keep track of your progress (using Fitbit, running apps, etc.)

As I mentioned, Best time to go on a walk or run is in the morning as soon as you wake up. DO NOT eat anything or drink anything other than water. Since you just woke up, walking or running on an empty stomach will help burn fats. By exercising on an empty stomach, you are using reserved energy in your body (fats) for energy, in which fats are used as fuel for your body.

Walking and running tend to get boring so I listen to music and audio book. I also keep track of my progress by using a Fitbit to monitor my heart rate and steps. I personally prefer listening to audio book while I walk/run. I get to gain knowledge and  exercise at the same time, killing two birds with one stone. Make sure to drink water while you are on a walk or run, stay hydrated and wake your self up.

Personally, exercising in the morning gives me a sense of accomplishment for the day. Preparing my body (warm-up) for whats to come during the rest of the day. Knowing that I sweated off and achieved 5k-10k steps before the day starts gives me motivation to do more.

Its up to you as individuals on how long you should walk or run. Maybe do both, for better result. I recommend walking for about 45 min minimum and running 30 min to an hour. Make sure to stretch your body before, loosen your muscles. When performing the walk/run, slowly work your way up. DO NOT push your self too hard! know your limit and listen to your body. Take your time day by day, week by week and work up to your goals. We still have plenty of time till summer.


Step # 4 – Food

Its about time we talk about food. I love to eat, and I exercise not to look good but to eat and enjoy good foods.

Foods you should be eating in order to stay healthy and in shape. It is simple and yet difficult. I’m not going to tell you to remove all junk foods and unhealthy foods from your diet starting tomorrow.

Make sure to watch carefully on what you eat. Try to eat lots of vegies and meat. Avoid seasoning your food if possible or light seasoning. Avoid fried foods and fast food restaurants. Drink water, tea, coffee if possible and avoid soda, juice and energy drink.


Step # 5 – Habit and Consistency

Habit and consistency is key in getting in shape. In order to achieve anything in life, you have to be consistent and continue working towards your goals. If you decide to get in shape, you have to be consistent. In order to stay consistent, you have to make it a habit in order for you to change your lifestyle. Make these simple advices a habit and it will be easier to stay consistent. Make it a habit to exercise and eat clean and it will become easier as time passes.